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Professor Pomona Sprout

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*Open* [09 Oct 2003|01:18pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

There was a buzz looming in the air about something--or maybe it was just a pesky bee inside her Greenhouse--but whatever it was, Pomona knew very little of the lives of others side of her glass house. But she didn't really need to know, did she? And did she want to?.....Maybe a little.

Besides taking on the care of her Hufflepuffs, the Herbology Professor's responsibility was probably twice the size of that of the others, for she had the lives of the plants to uphold & care for as well. Surely no one knew just how difficult things were for her, with so many depending on her to take care of things. Although it stressed her with all these matters to be a "burden" on her, deep down inside, Pomona wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

She pulled out her wand & casted a spell to open the tops of the Greenhouse, letting in the warmth of the sun to shine down on her plants, not to mention a little sunshine on her weary complexion too. It's been such a long while since she allowed such freedom into her Greenhouse. Many of the plants seemed to have became more lively with the opening of the window panels, shaking their leaves & some giving out grunts of joy.

Pomona breathed in the fresh air, as if it were the very first time she's ever tasted the smells around her, & sighed in content.

"I think I'll do my work out here for today," she said to herself, suddenly feeling refreshed & ten times younger.

She went back into her office, bringing out piles of parchments that needed grading & set to work on getting them completed before the day was over.

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*Happy Sigh*...♥ ♥ ♥ [22 Aug 2003|06:28pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

"Aaah...," Pomona sighed to herself with a dreamy expression on her face as she went about her daily runs inside the greenhouse.

She hadn't felt nor been the same ever since Snape swooned her in the hallway. She tried not to let her new found feelings for him get in the way of her work--some of the plants were being over watered & some weren't getting the needed attention, but she couldn't help herself! She was in LOVE. On the other hand, ever since that little rendezvous in the hallway, Pomona saw very little of Snape again. Not once did they ever cross paths again in the hallways & he was not present during mealtimes like normal either.

"Probably just being bashful," she chuckled to herself, waving a hand as she was thinking up ideas in her mind.

He did say he wanted to meet up with her again sometime and it had certainly been a fairly amount of time since then, the Herbology Professor could wait no longer. She stopped with her work in a flash, found a peice of parchment & began writing to him, her cheeks flushing in a red color the more she wrote.

♥ Owl To Snoodle ♥ Collapse )

Sealing the letter with a quick kiss, she called over an owl inside her office & sent the letter off to the Potions Professor. She watched the owl fly away & she returned back to her work, but not the work she was previously working on. No. She quickly began concocting a perfume with certain flowers & plants that gave off the most loveliest aromas for their next encounter...

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[04 Aug 2003|09:21pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Where is that Professor Snape with my potion?!, Pomona pondered to herself as she checked the current time. Either he was late in delivering it to her or her time was off--which was highly unlikely. She decided to stay put inside her greenhouse, however, & give him a few more moments to deliver the vile to her, as she needed it to aid the health of her plants. She was quite busy tending the flowers right now to stop in the middle of her schedule to look for the man. Besides, HE was the one who was "late."

There were new plants, ferns, flowers and the like that were needing to be potted and placed inside the glass house. Since she trusted no one else but herself to do her own job, the Herbology teacher needed no assistance. Although the Headmaster had offered more than once to find someone suitable enough for the job, Pomona always refused. If you want the job done right, you best do it yourself. If you can't do it right, then don't do it at all. That was her motto.

Pomona scooped up a handful of fresh fertilizer and into a few scattered pots & planters around her working area, ready to put the sprouting Bubotubors & young Devil's Snares into their new "homes." Fertilizer was just what these young plants needed to start out growing nice and healthy. THAT and the blasted potion that was supposed to have been delivered to her by now! She had nearly all the new plants potted & her work almost completed when she noticed that so much time had past her since the normal time the Potions Professor usually came by to give her the vile. She gave a frustraiting huff to herself and made her way to the door of the greenhouse--not even giving a care that her hands were still caked with fertilizer--when a Flutterby Bush quivering and shaking at her as she walked past.

"I shall not be long. Be patient, my little ones" she called out to her beloved plants & stepped out onto the school grounds and into the dark, damp castle, looking for that Severus Snape...

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[24 Jul 2003|12:07am]
[ mood | content ]

Trickles of water sputtered out from the end of the Herbology Professor's wand as she tended the numerous plantlife inside Hogwart's greenhouse, giving the necessary H2O to the shrubs and flora that needed it the most. Pomona was a rather round-bodied person, unfortunately, which made moving from one place to another inside the glass house that kept the plants a challenge. She was known to accidentally knock over a pot or two mulitple times as she squeezed herself through the tiny aisle & pathway. It was a good thing she was an expert at handling such cases if they were to happen, however.

During this time of day, Pomona did her daily charts on the plants progress and tended to the ones who needed more attention and care. First the flora, she noted to herself. She nodded in satisfaction after checking to see if the Umbrella-Sized Flowers were growing large and well--and they were, then jotting notes on her parchment. Walking past those, she purposely stopped to admire her most favorite plant of all; the Puffapod. Picking up a single seed, she dropped it to watch it bloom and grow instandly before her eyes, something that never ceased to amaze her whenever she did this, & it brought a smile to her rosey cheeks. Next, Poma walked past the flora section of the greenhouse and on to the more dangerous plants...

Usually, the most hazardous plants were always in tip-top shape, but they were plants in her care too & she could not ignore their conditions either. Glancing quickly from plant to plant, shooting little sprays of water to a few random seedling Bouncing Bulbs here and there, the Herbology Professor wrote check marks down and continued down the thing aisle. She stopped about midway when something was pulling on her robes, however. Pomona spun around quickly to find a Venomous Tentacula constricting her robes in an attempt to pull her back, possibly to try attack her again like it always did when she walked past it.

"Back!--Down! Lay off!" she said wacking the tencle-like plant, "Lay off, I say!!!"

The Venomous Tentacula put up much more of a fight than it usually did on this day, but the Herbology Professor always had the upperhand & managed to make the plant recoil. She reached into her pocket and threw a shiny power at the venomous plant to relax its mood before turning back to continue her charting.

It was a tedious job, charting down & monitoring all the plants, but it was her job and no one knew how to tend them better than she did, and for that Pomona felt proud of herself. She sighed heavily and gave the glass house a final check and headed back up to the castle to join the rest of the faculty and the students...

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